About Us

Ron CavingThe Cascade Grotto was formed in 1951 to promote recreation in, education about, and conservation of the caves of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We have business meetings most months in Seattle, WA. Grotto members and guests stay active with conservation projects, educational activities, and of course caving trips. Working to conserve caves and cave organisms, and promoting safe informed caving are our main goals. Due to their potentially dangerous and fragile nature, we have a strict policy of never publishing any cave locations – please do not ask us for specific cave location information.

General cleanup and restoration work, animal conservation and education outreach, cave cartography, and geological and paleontological studies are just some examples of our members’ work. Although we are a discerning private organization, the Cascade Grotto welcomes members of all backgrounds and walks of life, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, physical handicaps, sexual preferences/identity, etc.

Our members enjoy caving trips of all skill levels, from introductory or family-friendly trips to lengthy ambitious remote expeditions. Full membership in the grotto only costs $20 USD per year and there are discounted non-voting family and associate memberships available too. Our semi-annual full-color newsletter is called the Cascade Caver and is available to members only in both digital and printed formats. We also strongly encourage membership in the National Speleological Society.

While our meetings can occasionally be somewhat procedural and boring, we do try to offer interesting programs and presentations as often as possible. After our meetings members go out for a bite and a drink to talk caving and plan their next trips. Our caving excursions are always safe and lots of fun. Our conservation projects rarely involve only work and no play.

We offer annual workshops on certain important caving skills and techniques, and encourage our members to participate in formal cave rescue training under the National Cave Rescue Commission. The Cascade Grotto is a member of both the Western Region and the Northwest Caving Association of the National Speleological Society. The Cascade Grotto store offers quality branded merchandise.