Cascade Grotto:

  • Cascade Cavers Google Group – email list for grotto members and affiliates, unmoderated (instant posting) with attachments allowed. Use to post maps, photos, and announcements
  • Cascade Grotto Members YahooGroup – a forum for members only, where we discuss official grotto business (each post is individually moderated and attachments are prohibited)
  • Membership Application – in .pdf format.
  • Public Documents – in .zip format (.pdfs inside), includes Constitution & Bylaws, Operating Procedures, and Handbook.

White Nose Syndrome:

Little brown bats with white-nose syndrome, New York.White nose syndrome (WNS) is one of the biggest problems facing the caving world today. Named for the distinctive look of fungal growth around the muzzles of affected animals, WNS has been associated with the deaths of more than a million bats, and the geographical location of affected bat populations widens every year. Exact causes and transmission vectors are not well understood, but there are many precautions that cavers can take to protect bat populations, including respecting cave closures in affected areas and following the latest decontamination procedures made available by the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

White Nose Syndrome was confirmed in WA in early 2016. Please visit the WNS page at U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to learn more and view the latest decon procedures or contact Tyler Maxfield, the Northwest Liaison for White Nose Syndrome at  with any questions or concerns regarding WNS presence in WA. (Photo: Little brown bats with white nose syndrome, New York. Courtesy Nancy Heaslip, New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

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